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Blair warns West over radical Islam
Tony Blair is warning Western leaders they must put aside their differences with Russia over Ukraine to focus on the threat of Islamic extremism.
Three children found dead in London
A woman is arrested after three children are found dead at an address in south London.
Ferguson to help pick new Man Utd boss
Sir Alex Ferguson is to play a key role in selecting David Moyes's replacement as Manchester United manager.
'High violence rate' at youth prison
A damning report into a young offenders institute finds violence levels too high, inefficient security and drug usage three times above targets.
Renewable energy projects approved
Eight renewable energy projects, expected to support 8,500 jobs, are given the green light by the government.
Violent crime 'continues to fall'
Violent crime is continuing a long-term fall in England and Wales, according to annual figures from NHS hospitals.
US threatens more Russia sanctions
US Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington will impose further sanctions on Russia if it does not de-escalate tensions in east Ukraine.
Adams 'gave IRA bomb order' - claim
A former IRA member makes new allegations about Gerry Adams, claiming the Sinn Féin leader ordered him to transport explosives to Great Britain for a bombing campaign in 1980.
Spotlight stays on Man Utd - papers
The papers continue to focus on Manchester United following the sacking of manager David Moyes, while there is interest in figures suggesting violent crime has fallen and the 450th anniversary...
Survivor's regret over ferry students
A survivor of the South Korean ferry that capsized last week says he saw students trapped inside the vessel's cafeteria as it capsized.
Dancer's death sparks Rio clashes
Violent protests break out in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro following the death of a young man allegedly beaten by police.
UK non-Christian claims 'absurd'
The UK is a Christian country and those who deny it are "deluding themselves" and ignoring "reality", say two senior Conservative MPs.
'Irresponsible' holiday ad banned
A television advert for Center Parcs is banned for "irresponsibly" encouraging parents to take holidays during term time.
Shakespeare 'a cultural icon' abroad
William Shakespeare is the UK's greatest cultural icon, according to the results of an international survey released to mark the 450th anniversary of his birth.
Referendum pleas on St George's Day
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond and UK Prime Minister David Cameron use the English feast day of St George to make their Scottish independence referendum appeals.
Mystery of 'ocean quacks' solved
The mystery of a bizarre quacking sound often heard in the Southern Ocean has finally been solved, scientists report.
Breast cancer drug price cut urged
Campaigners urge pharmaceutical giant Roche to lower the cost of a pioneering breast cancer drug as the NHS prepares to rejects its use on price grounds.
Mourinho 'wants to rest players'
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he wants to rest key players for Sunday's Premier League trip to leaders Liverpool.

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