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West Bank Gaza protests turn deadly
At least two Palestinians are killed and more than 200 wounded at a march in the West Bank in protests against Israel's military operation in Gaza.
VIDEO: Left behind in 'dead' Ukraine city
The BBC's Natalia Antelava speaks to residents in the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, the last stronghold of pro-Russian separatists, to gauge how the conflict is affecting their lives.
Wreckage of Algeria plane found
The wreckage of a plane that disappeared with 116 people on board on a flight from Burkina Faso to Algiers has been found in Mali, officials say.
VIDEO: 'Fluffy' dinosaur theory sparks debate
All dinosaurs were covered with feathers or had the potential to grow feathers, a study published in the journal, Science, suggests.
'Politicians protected by cover-up'
A former assistant director of social services at Lambeth council claims there was a cover-up to protect politicians after allegations of abuse at a children's home.
Russia 'fired rockets into Ukraine'
The US says Russia has fired artillery at Ukrainian military positions in the east, a week after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 disaster.
Ferry owner death cause 'unknown'
South Korea's forensic agency says it cannot determine the cause of death for the fugitive tycoon blamed for the recent ferry disaster.
'Fluffy' dinosaurs were widespread
A discovery of 150 million year old fossils in Siberia indicates that feathers were much more widespread among dinosaurs than previously thought.
Arizona halts executions amid review
Arizona halts executions pending a review of its death penalty procedures, after the allegedly botched lethal injection of a convicted murderer.
Shift workers 'face diabetes risk'
Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts, with effects on waistlines, hormones and sleep increasing the risk, a study suggests.
One-shot cancer therapy gets NHS nod
A pioneering breast cancer treatment that replaces weeks of radiotherapy with a single, targeted shot is set to be offered on the NHS.
VIDEO: Water ATMs bring clean water to Delhi
The authorities is Delhi are piloting water dispensing machines to bring clean water to residents.
Murdoch caps great first day for Scots
Swimmer Ross Murdoch secures gold to cap a stunning first day of Commonwealth Games action for hosts Scotland.
VIDEO: Close-up: MH17 crash investigation
MH17 crash investigation expected to be long and complex in attempt to piece together exactly what happened.
Amazon reports $126m quarterly loss
Amazon reports a loss of $126m in the second quarter and warns of slowing sales.
UN sends 'unofficial' aid to Syria
The first UN aid shipment to Syria delivered without the consent of the government has arrived in the north of the country.
VIDEO: Note found in World War One kilt
A hidden poem written by a Glasgow woman has been found sewn into the folds of a World War One kilt owned by a Southampton academic.
VIDEO: 'Cheesegrater' construction complete
Building work is completed on the tallest skyscraper in the City of London.

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