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World's most threatening superbugs ranked in new list
Top of the list to find new, effective antibiotic treatments for are bacteria that poison the blood.
NHS misplaced half a million patient documents
The material, mistakenly stored in a warehouse over five years, included cancer test results.
Football 'dementia disclaimers' predicted
Footballers may have to sign disclaimers to prevent them suing over brain injuries in the future, a former head of the SFA predicts.
Government targets sexting and cyberbullying
Ministers will meet with large technology companies, young people and mental health experts.
Breast milk bank faces shortage of donations
Staff at the only breast milk bank on the island of Ireland warn stock is running exceptionally low.
MPs criticise Theresa May and NHS over 'bickering'
The Public Accounts Committee criticises Theresa May and the NHS for "bickering" over funding.
Girl, five, died of asthma attack after GP turned her away
Five-year-old Ellie-May Clark, who was minutes late for an appointment, died of an asthma attack.
NHS 'tobacco free' campaign launched by Public Health England
A quarter of all patients smoke and Public Health England wants to help them quit their habit.
Caroline Wyatt: MS 'brain fog' lifted after stem cell treatment
Caroline Wyatt said the "brain fog began to lift" after she paid for treatment in Mexico.
Maps reveal schizophrenia 'hotspots' in England
A study of GP prescriptions reveals patterns of the mental illness in England.

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